News & Observer Book Review

In the May 27, 2018 edition of The News & Observer, Home Hospice Navigation was reviewed by Cindy Schaefer.

Raleigh nurse writes guide for caregivers | News & Observer

“Home Hospice Navigation: The Caregiver’s Guide” (CreateSpace) is a culmination of author Judith R. Sands’ background as a health care professional and her time spent as a caregiver.

“The decision to write ‘Home Hospice Navigation’ was based on my experiences caring for my mother and my desire to make the home hospice journey understandable and less stressful for caregivers,” she says. “The book answers Mom’s question: ‘What do families do without someone with your knowledge and experience?’ 

“Home Hospice Navigation” is a handbook designed to help caregivers effectively manage the hospice journey, from the initial conversation about whether to begin hospice care, to managing in-home care and saying goodbye. Practical tips and resources are sprinkled throughout the book.

“End-of-life care is rife with cultural, social and faith-based connotations and expectations, personal biases and fears, Sands says. “Care-related challenges abound for the loved one, the family and significant others. Everyone has a set of expectations and often they are unclear or in conflict with those involved in the care process. Navigating through the unknowns before issues and concerns become problems is critical for successful caregiving.”

Sands is a registered nurse and certified in case, quality, and risk management. She lives in Raleigh.