November is Palliative Care & Hospice Care Month

November is known as Palliative Care & Hospice Care month. A time to recognize the professionals dedicated to symptom management and end-of-life care. This is also an important time for individuals of all ages to discuss their end-of-life preferences and wishes with loved ones and their physician. Take the time to complete or update Advance Directive forms. Consider sharing these preferences at Thanksgiving with family and friends, providing the opportunity to stress your desires and address concerns.

Resources to assist you in the discussion process include Conversation Starter Kit a resource that is available in multiple languages, includes a version for those with Alzheimer’s/dementia and those with a seriously ill child. These resources are from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). Another valuable resource is Death Over Dinner that helps you plan a dinner party to articulate end-of-life preferences. “The dinner table is the most forgiving place for difficult conversation. The ritual of breaking bread creates warmth and connection, and puts us in touch with our humanity.” The site has a number of versions including an Australian, Jewish and Brazilian edition.


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