Modesty in Healthcare: Privacy Needed

The lack of modesty protection in healthcare is a troubling issue; a barrier keeping patients from seeking care and treatment. The lack of modesty protection is especially challenging for individuals who have suffered from sexual assaults and physical disfigurement/deformity. They are not alone; those with strong religious/cultural beliefs relating to modesty, children and teens, individuals transitioning, and those with poor body image and are prone to embarrassment are also challenged. Unfortunately, privacy in healthcare is in short supply and


My Job May Soon Be Gone!

The ways I have observed masks being worn is amazing. My desire to contain the spread and help us return to some “normalcy” is overwhelming. My ideal imaginary mask monitoring job may soon be gone! Oh, what a hopeful thought.

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Immunization guilt, a new phenomenon

Immunization guilt, a growing phenomenon of individuals expressing remorse that they got vaccinated, before others they feel are more worthy. Feelings of unworthiness must be countered, as they are healthcare professionals and the vulnerable helping the population towards herd immunity.


Vaccine Envy: Where’s Mine?

Vaccine envy is a new social trend impacting relationships due to feelings of jealousy and resentment that others are getting the vaccine before you. Resentment over administration prioritization, vaccine availability, and long wait times are driving a wedge in relationships. Where’s my vaccine?

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Hope is a Four-Letter Word

Hope is individual optimism, keeps us getting up in the morning, caring for ourselves and others. Hope is vital to survival, despite hardship, we anticipate a brighter outcome. Resilient individuals tend to hope more; they anticipate current challenges becoming lighter, and looking forward to the return of “brightness.”

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Anticipatory Grief: The Space Between

Anticipatory grief, the set of feelings associated with an impending loss. Anticipatory grief occurs when a death is expected, but before it actually happens. It helps caregiver, family members, and friends prepare emotionally for the pending loss. Culture and religion can influence how individuals address anticipatory grief.