Elder Orphan, Solo Ager: What’s Your Plan?

Solo agers and elder orphans can’t afford to delay planning for aging. To ensure that their preferences and wishes are honored, they need to be proactive. Engaging a team of professionals to address Advance Directive, social engagement, aging in place, and in determining financial resources for the plan is vital.

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Anticipatory Grief: The Space Between

Anticipatory grief, the set of feelings associated with an impending loss. Anticipatory grief occurs when a death is expected, but before it actually happens. It helps caregiver, family members, and friends prepare emotionally for the pending loss. Culture and religion can influence how individuals address anticipatory grief.

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Your Grief Journey Is Unique

One’s grief journey is unique and personal. Your sense of loss is impact by a variety of factors, and no two losses will be grieved in the same way. One does not have to navigate grief alone; there are resources and supports to get through the process. Stay connected! Take advantage of assistance and resources, to help you manage the pain on your grief journey.

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Care Allocation

Resources needed to care for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic are in short supply. The determination as to how care will be allocated is already happening. There are a number of guidelines that are directing resource allocation. The discussion of the use of Palliative Care and hospice services has never been greater. There will never be a question of ensuring that patients are kept comfortable when there are not sufficient services or supplies for all.

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Just In Case Planning

The free Just In Case Planning resource helps individuals work through the process of preparing for the inevitable. Keeping track of pertinent end of life documents, recording funeral considerations, creating a digital clean-up plan, and providing a space for reflections and messages for loved ones, this tool provides peace of mind for all. How can wishes be honored and respected if loved ones are not aware of your preferences? The Just In Case Planning resource provides a dynamic space for storing, sharing, and updating your important information.

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Count Your Blessings

The ability to express gratitude, thankfulness or appreciation, when experiencing illness, undergoing personal challenges or grief is very challenging. This is one of the most important times when one needs to refocus. Redirecting our attention from our trials and tribulations to the acts of friendship and kindness that have been extended to us, and the beauty of nature that surrounds us can be uplifting. Failures to notice and appreciate the “rays of support” are missed opportunities for gratitude. May this Thanksgiving be a time of blessings for you and your loved ones.

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Birthrights & Deathrights, a 21st Century View

Deathrights, a prickly unfamiliar, and strange concept that is tied with end-of-life care. Exploring the last phase of the Patriarch Isaac’s life with a 21st century perspective provides a perspective to help individuals and families to make Advance Directives. Loved ones left behind should not have to make unnecessary or uninformed decisions. The final phase of life can be a time for blessings, a time to address unresolved family issues, a time to be mindful and appreciate what life still has to offer. Know your wishes, share them, and unburden your loved ones.

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