Will My Advance Directive Be Followed?

The question of “will my Advance Directive be followed when I am unable to speak for myself?” should be of concern to everyone. The probability of your Advance Directive not being followed increases if the document is not readily available, your healthcare surrogate is not available, willing, or able to speak up on your behalf, it is possible that your wishes may not be honored. The need for a strong healthcare surrogate to advocate on your behalf is vital in insuring that your wishes are respected.

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Birthrights & Deathrights, a 21st Century View

Deathrights, a prickly unfamiliar, and strange concept that is tied with end-of-life care. Exploring the last phase of the Patriarch Isaac’s life with a 21st century perspective provides a perspective to help individuals and families to make Advance Directives. Loved ones left behind should not have to make unnecessary or uninformed decisions. The final phase of life can be a time for blessings, a time to address unresolved family issues, a time to be mindful and appreciate what life still has to offer. Know your wishes, share them, and unburden your loved ones.


Finding a Caregiver is Like Dating

Coming to the realization that additional caregiving assistance is needed may be obvious to some and very challenging for others to realize.  The need for more caregiving support affirms that…