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Celebrate While Waging War with COVID-19

Many people are asking about how to celebrate while warring with COVID-19. The reality is that this year familiar ways of celebrating will be different. For many it will be an essentially “virtual” experience, augmented by what can be safely shared or delivered. The war is against an invisible enemy that unfortunately some still do not recognize. This enemy has targets; seniors, those with chronic conditions, compromised immunity, obesity, and then there are those who we would least expect to succumb to COVID-19. You must celebrate while waging war against COVID-19.

How to celebrate, while waging war?

This is the time to celebrate while waging war COVID-19; be creative and consider which traditions can still be safely observed unchanged. “Safe” traditions may include: home decorating, sending cards, listening to music, baking, and making calls to friends. Then move to those that can be observed with minor modifications. Shift to online holiday purchasing, send a check or gift card, or send a food basket instead of the homemade goodies. Virtual gatherings will replace holiday parties; be sure to get dressed up and do something special for these gatherings. Recognize that the traditional get-togethers of friends and family will have to wait; consider how you will celebrate in the future.

Celebrate no matter what!

Traditions anchor us.  They are links to our past and those we cherish. Fight COVID-19 with some joy and cheer. No matter what is going on, take time to reflect on the meaning of the season. Celebrate your traditions while waging war with COVID-19. This may be the right time to start some new traditions. Chat with others to explore how they are making modifications, you might get a great idea to include in your holiday observance.

 This year be creative and safely observe meaningful traditions. Be sure to reach out to someone who could benefit from some support, good cheer, and acknowledgment.

May your holiday be bright, cheerful, and full of gratitude.


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