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Two Nurses Who Have Seen It All!

Consumer-Focused Education from Judith and Anne; Two Nurses Who  Have Seen It All!

Two Nurses Who  Have Seen It All!

Judith Sands, RN, MSL, BSN, CPHRM, CPHQ, CCM, ARM, and Anne Llewellyn, RN-BC, MS, BHSA, CCM, CRRN, BCPA, CMF are two nurses who have seen it all!  They have been colleagues and friends since the late 80s and have kept in touch over the years. Each time they connect, they have stimulating conversations about the complexity of the healthcare system, and the challenges people have navigating it. These two advanced practice nurses want to help PEOPLE, (patients and caregivers) navigate the complex healthcare system. So people get the care they need when they need it in an efficient way to meet THEIR needs.  Judith and Anne work to assist the care team in delivering safe, quality, cost-effective care.

Recently, they talked about putting together a series to share information to educate and empower individuals to be their own best advocates.  Judith and Anne want to provide the just-in-time and pre-planning information. The goal is to facilitate better management of illness, caregiving navigation, and minimize complications in the process. Get to know Jusith and Anne, they will be moving into various mediums where they will take questions and interact with those seeking guidance.

Get to know Judith and Anne

Judith Sands

Judith Sands is a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and caregiver who assumed this role on several occasions for family members. Originally from Buffalo, NY, she spent the majority of her professional career in South Florida. A registered nurse for over 40 years and practiced critical care before specializing in quality, risk, and case management. As a director of case management, she worked closely with her team and families on discharge planning/continuity of care, end-of-life, and where to find resources and support for those with limited funds.

Judith authored Home Hospice Navigation: The Caregiver’s Guide. The book was a response to her mother’s question “What do people do if they don’t have someone like you?” It is filled with tips that can help address advanced care planning and caregiving approaches before a crisis or major change in condition occurs. Knowing your loved one’s wishes and being able to honor them helps guide the caregiving journey.

Anne Llewellyn

Anne Llewellyn is a wife, sister, friend, nurse, and Brain Cancer Survivor. She grew up in Philadelphia PA and moved to Florida when she married. A nurse for 50 years, starting as a licensed practice nurse and advancing to a registered nurse where she practiced critical care (Emergency Department and Respiratory Intensive Care). She specialized in case management, rose through the ranks, and served in the role of president of the Case Management Society of America.

Anne worked as a catastrophic case manager and specialized in group health, workers’ compensation, long-term care, and continuing education. In 2014 her life changed when she was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor. She realized for the first time how hard it is to be a patient. As she progressed on her journey, Anne promised once she recovered and could go back to work, she transitioned her career into nurse advocacy to help people to learn how to be their own best advocates. Today she works directly with people to assist them with care coordination, transitions of care, and self-advocacy. She provides education in her community and through various social media sites.

Both Judith and Anne love to travel, swim, read, and visit family and friends.

Thank you for taking the time to hear about Judith and Anne. Let them know what questions you have and topics you would like to see addressed. They will be back with more articles to empower you! Stay Tuned!


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